RANL umpires back in class

Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

UMPIRES in the Rainbow Amateur Netball League (RANL) have been forced to hold a last minute workshop just three days before the start of the season to equip themselves with modern trends of the game.

This comes as pressure was mounting following several complaints from last season regarding umpiring in the league which prompted the sponsor to set aside funds for technical training.

However, H-Metro understands that poor administration was at fore hence the workshop was postponed from the initial date due to lack of funds.

Umpires were at the helm of many controversies last season with coaches making their poor officiating public through the media.


Umpires committee secretary general Terrence Madziva believes there is no problem in holding a one day workshop despite all the issues at stake.

“We are going to have a combined workshop with the coaches just to do a revision of old rules and also go over new the rules so that we iron out grey areas as one team coaches and umpires.

“When rules are properly applied as the aim of the workshop I don’t see any problems,” he said.

A source, who spoke to H-Metro, said:

“We were told that there are no funds despite the sponsor highlighting that there were going to help in funding the workshops.

“We just had to do make sure that we do something even if it’s a last minute fix, I know we will help each other with one or two ideas so that we don’t face that kind of confusion caused by umpires last season.”