Old Georgians optimistic

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Brandon Manyau, Sports Reporter

Old Georgians women’s Under-20 rugby team are confident of winning their weekend fixture against Harare Sports Club at home.

Speaking to H-Metro, Old Georgians manager Kimberly Marowa said:

“We have a tight match against a tough team but however, we are not threatened by them, we have played them before and that was last year and we won over them.”

Old Georgians last year took the championship title in the senior women’s league defeating all 16 teams and crashing XP Horns in the finals.

“We just started the U20 league last week and judging from the performance of my team I can confidently say that this time around -despite this tournament being new- we are going to prove mighty by taking home the league title.”

The U20 league is new and includes OGs, Raiders, XP Horns, Harare Sports Club and Zimbiru.

“Most players in the U20 team are new and very ambitious, they have also just left high school and by this I believe they are still in the right spirit of taking rugby to the next level.

“We are also going to be blending and reinforcing the U20 team with other players from the senior team to make sure that we develop our team into a winning machine,” said Marowa.