Social Media Insists Joanah Mamombe Is Nelson Chamisa’s Side Chick , Vows to Give Evidence

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SOCIAL media users yesterday posted mixed reactions to aspiring Harare West parliamentarian Joana Mamombe’s sentiments that she is not MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa’s side chick.

  • Joana Mamombe Speaks On Her Relationship With Nelson Chamisa

Some urged her not to give interviews, while others advised her to carry her cross as there “is no smoke without a fire”.

Below is the thread of tweets on H-Metro’s handle, @HMetro_


@matigary: “Bottom of FormShe is a side chick. Akada kutaurisa tichaakanda maFaira pajekerere.”

@Mamoxn: “Ok let’s say she’s a side chick. Saka?”

@TichRay: “Some rumors are better not responded to and at this particular time it would be better not to grant interviews at all cost.”

@SekuruRoddie: “Pwere dziri kuita lack advice, it’s a shame.”

@TichRay: “It’s a big shame. She’s just given oxygen to a suffocating rumor.”

@matigary: “LOL it was either naive or intentional. The letter being designed to keep political fores (sic) guessing.”

@GarikaiMhlanga: “She is not his side chick but small house.”

@milidzanithabs: “Chero mukadaro ndikumuvhotera chete.”

@GudovekuDotito: “I already have my copy.”

@luteleedmore: “maybe she was promoted to main chick.”

@MukanyaWoyee: “Panopfungaira pane moto.“

@mashokoalbert: “She is a social media activist and thinking that she will make it in Hre West.Handei tione.”

@joemanjoe: “Imbotisiirai President wedu akadero timbomuvhotera ahwina vozomutsvaga voita maside chicks. Asifuni bumbulu.”

@GongSr: “Budisai ka ma files acho makamirirei.”

@CdeTichatonga: “Riri kuzomuvhotera noma kanjani. We will not be derailed by confused cockroaches.”

@Nelsonchamisa2: “Who doesn’t have a side chick even the former great president Mugabe had a side chick.”

@CPasipanodya: “Chamisa chete chete!”

@LuckyMtandadzi: “Kana akaita zvine basa rei.“

@twoboiGuzu: “H metro muri ana …… Wevanhu……bombol.”

@mushoremunashe: “Tazvijaira izvi takuiziva trik yavo.”

@tozvitaura: “kuvhunduka chati kwatara hunge une katurikwa.”

@sibbsniel: “I am yet to see a side chick that admits to being a side chick given the circumstances. Even mbavha chaiyo inototi, “ varikunditi ndakaba”. Carry your cross Joana.”

@sauz55: “Chidhumo chaiye aiva nema lawyer.“

@ndiniActress: “Zanu at it again. African politics is so childish though.”

@NeroristW: “Joanna dzikama,, don’t force. Us to expose you more, gara pasi.”

@abutrekka: “its election season a time of madness people will do just about anything to get a grip of the holy grail of power morals will be discareded (sic) into the trash bin for the sake of getting ahead.”

@NormanMasiyache: “Dirty linen out of the closet, anyway with me that stuff is normal that there are small houses or girl friend but NC must try to involve her wife as and when he goes for the rallies, it’s like he has a lot to hide.”

@JLoudly: “Smear campaign just hit the Next level!!!”