Godfrey Majonga ‘ Mnangagwa attempted murder’ case spills into courts

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Zimbabwe’s Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo will be slapped with a massive lawsuit regarding claims he made about the country’s Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, impeccable sources have confirmed.


The defamation lawsuit against Moyo stems from claims the Minister first made in politburo meeting held in the capital, which he later echoed on social network site Twitter.

Moyo is on record for claiming that Mnangagwa made a purported love rival Godfrey Majonga jump from a high rise city building after finding him in the company of a female companion.

Moyo adds that Majonga was given a choice of jumping from the building or sitting on a red hot stove. He chose the latter and suffered immense injuries which rendered him permanently disabled.

The incident is said to have occurred nearly 30 years ago.

 However, the victim, at the center of the claims dismissed them early this week. Speaking to journalists from Daily News, the victim directed questions about the claims to the claimants.

During a rally held last Saturday, President Mugabe also poured cold water on the story. Describing it as ‘claims’ which he had been told.

“Hameno ndezve chokwadi here. Ndivo vanototiudza (Who knows if its even true. They are the ones who told us)” he said, as he gestured towards Jonathan Moyo, his wife, and Saviour Kasukuwere.

Mnangagwa has remained silent throughout the baseless allegations but sources close the Vice President have since revealed that his lawyers had been preparing a massive lawsuit.

Given that the victim dismisses the claims, and so to does the President, it is likely that Moyo will be hit in the pockets quite hard. agencies