Economic crisis benefits Zanu PF chefs

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime should just arrest corrupt officials and thieves plundering the country’s natural resources and throw them in jail.

By Regai Fambai, Our Reader

There are economic factors at play here contrary to what pretenders like Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa would like the nation to believe.

Everyone knows that the forex shortage is as a result of demand and supply. We are not generating enough forex because our industries are constrained. The little forex we generate is abused by a few and it looks like Mnangagwa is doing nothing to arrest this rot.

Mnangagwa must bring culprits to book and uproot economic saboteurs which include banks, retailers and individuals.

It’s unfortunate that our leadership is taking advantage of the citizens’ quietness which they are mistaking for weakness. One thing for sure is that this won’t last forever. The day will come when we shall say enough is enough.

Zanu PF officials know what the problem is, but they do not want to tackle it head-on because they are the major beneficiaries of the crisis.

As long as these old cronies are in power, the economy will forever be in the doldrums. God have mercy on us.