Social media foretold ED’s failed leadership

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Since 2017 I have been following with great concern social media jests directed towards President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

By Rambai Sango, Our Reader

It is clear that the citizens are abusing social media platforms by preaching hate and engaging in malicious talk, but they have now shown how Mnangagwa has cluelessly worsened the people’s plight.

One of the cyber trolls brazenly wrote, “ED pfee, poverty pfee, unemployment pfee, diseases pfee, hunger pfee, corruption pfee, higher prices pfee” among other negative pfees, while others predicted the return of the 2008 scenario where the country’s economy went on an unprecedented nosedive.

No matter how much the Mnangagwa-led government tries to intimidate the people on social media platforms, the rants continue week-in, week-out.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and YouTube have proved to be so useful, but these trolls should not be used as an opportunity to misinform citizens who lack information pertaining to political and economic issues. This is evil and very unacceptable. All this has negative implications on the country’s economic revival efforts which should involve every Zimbabwean.