‘He choked, chucked me out’

Shepherd Sanyika

A HIGHFIELD man has been dragged to the Harare Civil Court by his wife for allegedly choking her.

Skulile Mlambo appeared before magistrate Tildah Mazhande seeking a protection order against her husband Passmore Mlambo.

Skulile told the court that her husband of 12 years chokes her in front of the children and also that this also affects them.

“I moved out of our matrimonial home after he had choked me and ejected me with the children onto the streets.


“After this incident he then threatened me with unspecified action if I did not return home in a space of two weeks.

“I am now afraid to return home because of his violence and he does not even care if the children are present

“My wellbeing and that of my children is being threatened by his abuse,” Skulile said.

Skulile pleaded with the court to order her husband to stop beating and harassing her.

“His abuse has forced me to come and seek for a protection order.

“He should not bar me or the children from accessing his parents’ house in Highfield.

“I do not want him to assault me and insult me using vulgar language or embarrass me,” she added.

Passmore opposed the order citing that he never assaulted his wife.

“I am opposed to it as I never assault her in anyway.

“The only thing I do is ask her when we have a misunderstanding, not what she is saying,” Passmore said.


Presiding magistrate Tildah Mazhande granted the order in favour of the applicant.

The respondent was ordered not to physically and verbally abuse his wife, not to harass her and to not to hinder her from accessing his parent’s home Highfield.