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KWEKWE: 20 miners trapped underground at Globe and Phoenix mine

File pic of a mine shaft entrance

Freedom Mupanedemo and Michael Magoronga
At least 20 miners are trapped under ground after a shaft collapsed at Globe and Phoenix mine in Kwekwe on Wednesday night.

Officials at the mine said the incident was only discovered Thursday morning when the 20 miners who were on night shift did not turn up to knock off at around 6am.

Kwekwe District Development Coordinator who is also Civil Protection Unit Chair, Mr Fortune Mpungu confirmed the incident saying they were coordinating rescue operations with various stake holders.

“Yes we received the news about the unfortunate incident a few hours ago and we a running around coordinating a rescue mission.

Provincial Mining Engineer, Nelson Munyanduri was not emmediately available for a comment at the time of publishing.
Details to follow