Did Mnangagwa Mortgage Zimbabwe To Muslim Businessmen For Political Gain?

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Sources have revealed that Munangagwa’s phenomenal rise to power within the past month could have been financed and necessitated by Muslim investors with interests in Zimbabwe.  Notorious South African business tycoon Zunaid Moti who has numerous business interests in Zimbabwe is believed to have financed the operation.

African Chrome Fields And Zimbabwe Military Power Complex

In 2014 the Zimbabwe Defence Forces entered into a joint venture  with African Chrome Fields to exploit chrome deposits along the mineral rich Great Dyke. ACF & Fanshawe Mining Services (collectively African Chrome Fields) are the holder of approximately 150 eluvial chrome mining concessions covering approximately 60 sq km in multiple areas along the flanks of the Great Dyke in Central Zimbabwe.

The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange but looks like it was delisted in 2015. In 2013 the company had a market cap of (AUD) $3.13 million and 28% of the company was owned by its directors and management.

Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Chiwenga, Then Vice Pesident Emmerson Mnangagwa with Muslim Cleric Ismail ibn Musa Menk, Fanshawe Director Zunaid Moti and business associates

Zunaid Moti The Notorius Businessman behind Mnangagwa

Fanshawe Mining Holdings Director is Zunaid Moti a Moslem businessman from South Africa whose name has been linked with a number of shady and criminal deals.  Moti, a flashy car-loving tycoon was arrested in 2012 over armed robbery and attempted murder allegations.

Zunaid Moti posing next to one of his high-end cars

Moti’s private security force shut down Silverstar Casino in November, 2011, in the alleged attempted murder of Naemm Cassim. It is alleged that Moti’s business partner Rafik Mohamed owed Cassim  money and there had been death threats before. On the night of the seige  both Rafik and Moti were present at the casino where three attempts were made on Cassim’s life.

Moti‚ along with his father‚ Abbas Aboo Baker Moti‚ and their business associates‚ Ashruf Kaka and Salim Bobat were placed on Interpol’s wanted list. They are accused of defrauding a Russian citizen Alibek Issaev – out of $500 000  in an apparent bogus mining deal. The fraud allegedly took place in Lebanon in 2013.

ACF And Special Treatment

According to ACF’s 2013 Investor Handbook,  Zimbabwe Investment Authority issued ACF a licence to own a 70% equity interest in African Chrome Fields on condition that Farvic Consolidated Mines (Pvt) Ltd has the right to claw back a 21% equity interest in African Chrome Fields. These were stock options.

Farvic Consolidated Mines (Pvt) Ltd is owned by Duncan (Harry) Greaves a  Zimbabwean who also had shareholding interests in  Prince Olaf, Farvic and Nicholson gold mines in southern Zimbabwe. Mr Greaves was connected to deposed Former Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko.

A map of the claims granted to Africa Chrome Fields

Under the laws of Zimbabwe, all operating companies must be either 51% owned by
indigenous parties however ACF was given a pass due to its connections.

In 2014 ACF was granted a duty-free fuel importation certificate by the Ministry of Transport. The duty-free certificate was issued through the Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED). Under Statutory Instrument (SI) 184 of 2014, equipment for national projects  can be imported duty-free.  The company was allowed to import more than 12 million litres of diesel without paying duty.

The old equipment at Chinyika Chrome mine which Mugabe was duped to believe was high-tech


Allegations Of ACF Corrupt Activities in Zimbabwe

Professor Jonathan Moyo in a presentation to the ZANU PF politburo accused Mnangagwa of deceiving cabinet into lifting an export ban on raw chrome in 2015 for self-serving purposes. He said ACF was granted mining rights after Mnangagwa “wilfully misled” President Robert Mugabe into believing ACF investors had the latest technology to process chrome ore into ferrochrome. It was on the basis of that promise ACF was granted mining rights.


Fanshawe Mining Holdings director, Zunaid Moti, shows President Mugabe the chrome smelting process while Director General of Central Intelligence Organisation Retired Major General Happyton Bonyongwe (left) looks on at Chinyika Ranch in Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituency in 2015

Mugabe was even invited to officiate at the mine where he was told the company would require only 11 months to fully establish and start operating full throttle. Prof Moyo alleged that tonnes of chrome were smuggled  out of the country with Munangagwa’s business partners making US$49 million.


Sheikh Ismail ibn Musa Menk a powerful Zimbabwean-born Islamic scholar has been pictured on a number of occassions with President Mnangagwa and  General Contantine Chiwenga.  Recently the Sheikh accompanied Mnangagwa , Chiwenga and other senior Zimbabwe ministers to inspect the Africa Chrome Fields plant in Kwekwe.


The Persecution Of Jonathan Moyo And Ignatius Chombo 

After the politburo expose, Mugabe decided to act. He moved to reshuffle cabinet. He removed Patrick Chinamasa from the Finance Ministry. Chinamasa – an ally of Mnangagwa had previously defended the government special treatment of ACF

Minister Of Finance Ignatius Chombo arriving at court today. He is charged with corruption

Mugabe then replaced him Ignatius Chombo whom he charged with unwinding all the Chrome deals  involving Africa Chrome Fields. He was also tasked with investigating –  through the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe why so little revenue was making it to the national treasury. Of particular interest were the deals that involved Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Mugabe also decided to fire his then  vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Part of the plan was also to prosecute him for the corrupt deals.

The Coup Intervention

It is believed that after the sacking of Vice President, Mugabe was now targeting Gen Chiwenga who is a known ally of Mnangagwa. Reports allege that Mugabe had intentions of arresting Chiwenga upon his return from China but his police was outwitted by soldiers who disarmed them at the airport.