Chief Summons Villagers Over 35 Zaka Snakes

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CHIEF Ndanga of Zaka in Masvingo has summoned Zimhofu villagers to his traditional court today following a shocking incident in which more than 30 pythons were found on top of a grave on Sunday.

The chief  yesterday said that the grave from which 35 pythons were seen emerging from belongs to the Zimhofu family.

He said the Zimhofu family members had been asked to attend the court hearing together with the village head and headman.

“Following the bizarre incident, I have asked the village representatives to attend a traditional court at my homestead tomorrow morning (today). The Zimhofu family members have also been asked to attend,” said Chief Ndanga.

He said a sangoma has been sought to guide the traditional leaders and the court on the way forward.

Chief Ndanga also said the python infested grave was old and one member of the Zimhofu family is said to have an idea of the identity of the person whose remains are interred in the grave.

“We have sought the assistance of a sangoma who will advise us accordingly and the Zimhofu family has promised to bring one member who might know the person whose remains are buried in the grave. Most members of the family appeared not to know anything about the grave, an indication that this could be an old grave,” he said.

A senior pastor in Masvingo, Munyaradzi Chidarikire, said the incident in Zaka is a demonstration of satan’s power.

He said the villagers, especially the affected family, should seek divine intervention.

“I think the devil’s spirit is at play here. There is a need for prayers to cast out the demon. We have heard of a number of strange incidents but this is unique and scary,” said Pastor Chidarikire.

United Baptist Church pastor, Isaac Chiskohlana, echoed the same sentiments adding that the family concerned should seek salvation.

“This is the work of evil spirits because such incidents of pythons emerging from a grave are unheard of. We have never witnessed snakes in such large numbers. Besides, pythons are rarely seen anywhere. There is a need for the whole family to repent,” he said.

Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management spokesperson Caroline Washaya-Moyo asked this reporter to put questions in writing when contacted for comment yesterday.