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PIC: DRAMA As Woman Strips Na_ked In Gweru CBD After Losing $200 To ‘Feja Feja’ Crooks

There was drama when a Gweru woman brought the CBD to a standstill when she stripped na_ked in anger after losing $200 to the ‘Feja Feja’ “game

Bmetro reports that she stripped na_ked near the famous Kudzanayi bus terminus along Third Street.

After stripping she went into a rant demanding her money back from the feja feja crooks. She made quite a spectacle as a crowd amassed to witness her breakdown.

Netsai Dube, a vendor at Kudzanayi bus terminus who witnessed the incident said she suspected the woman could be mentally challenged.

“I personally think that she is mentally challenged because no sane person will strip na_ked in front of people no matter the situation. If it was the issue of money, she could have reported to the police,” she said.


Some women assisted her to dress up while some shielded away men who had flocked to the scene to see the na_ked woman.

After dressing up, the lady asked for transport money from the crowd, to go to Arizona Village on the outskirts of Gweru, saying she no longer had money after the fejafeja saga.

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