Gokwe Man Grows Breasts In Suspected Witchcraft

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Adultery and the strange world of mystery and witchcraft, or is it superstition?

For a 47 year old man from Jahana village in Gokwe, the world of witchcraft is not just a fable but a reality that has tormented his life!

Blessed Bhebhe (47) is a tormented man, he is growing breasts and tongues in Jahana village are wagging.

Conspiracy theories have taken the limelight though Bhebhe believes his condition is purely medical.

“It all started when I took elephantiasis tablets,” Bhebhe said, but villagers disagreed.

The villagers believe that the person behind the mystery is none other than Bhebhe’s wife, Sithokozile Nkomo.

The conspiracy story involves a deceased man, Ephraim Madhuna who was allegedly having an adulterous relationship with Bhebhe’s wife, Sithokozile. It is alleged the adulterous affair was not a secret with villagers claiming that the late Madhuna was under Sithokozile’s spell and would perform all household chores at Bhebhe’s home in the full glare of the whole village.

Madhuna’s widow, Siphilisiwe Ncube alleged that her late husband could not end the adulterous affair and the few times he tried, he would fall sick.

“This woman is the one who proposed love to my husband and threatened him with death if he refused. Evertime he tried to end the relationship, he would develop scales like a tortoise,” Siphilisiwe said.

When finally Ephraim gathered enough courage to extricate himself from the adulterous relationship, he found the headman and his council waiting for him to recount the full story.

Sadly and strangely Madhuna committed suicide on the very day.

A prophet who was following proceedings at the chief’s court pointed a finger at Sithokozile, saying she was the one behind Bhebhe’s suffering.

Though publicly denying the involvement of his wife in this strange condition, Bhebhe was seen pleading with the chief to get him help as his breasts are still growing.

Sithokozile however denied the accusations and told ZBC News that her neighbour is simply framing her.

Ephraim Madhuna’s widow, Siphilisiwe has since Abandobned her homestead and is now staying with her parents, fearing for her life and that of her children.-zbc