The few chosen ones

Michelle Mazvita Kapanyota

Michelle Mazvita Kapanyota
Vista Vision College.
There lived a few chosen ones. The chosen ones possessed special abilities that no one else had.

They were generally accepted by the community but treated with caution.

One of the chosen ones was born into the Mandesi family.

Her natural beauty, charm and wit came with a drawback although she was a chosen one.

Whenever she was extremely happy or had extreme positive emotions, her body caught fire along with everything within her reach.


Whenever she was sad or had extreme negative feelings, flowers bloomed forth from her feet and hands. The little girl, Melisa, then got two more names and became known as Melisa Blossom Moto (MBM).

MBM grew up in the Jumbo Community. Her family accepted the fact that she was a chosen one and helped her nurture her gift.

She was able to control her feelings by keeping them in balance by the time she was eight.

A lot of disastrous situations occurred when she burnt important things. One time Blossom touched her father’s work documents for the highest paid transfer between recording labels for a singer and burnt them.

The deal for that particular artist had been the breakthrough her father had been waiting for. In his excitement Mr Mandesi had ignited a similar reaction in his daughter who then went on to touch his papers, thereby setting them on fire.

Mr Mandesi jumped towards his daughter and chided her for playing with fire near his work papers. The moment she became sad, blossoms extinguished the fire and instead of hand writing on the paper; there were white flowers.

Blossom was not the only chosen one living in their community. There were five others, one of them was a boy named Brave.

Brave had great powers of strength.

When he got upset, his entire body would release black gas. The gas would envelope him in the same way steam does to a person who has come from a hot bath and stepped into the cold.

One day in high school, Brave had an argument with a boy from his crowd of friends and admirers.


Most students were on the remainder of a lawn at the school grounds that cold winter afternoon.

Blossom saw the two boys walk away from the crowd. She recognized the other boy as the new student called Jeffrey.

To be continued