Rapper Cal Vin dies after hit and run accident

Mthabisi Tshuma , Showbiz Correspondent

ZIMBABWE’s rap king contender Cal Vin (real name Calvin Nhliziyo) has died.

The Zikhupan hit-maker, 35, died during the wee hours of Sunday, just after 1AM after he was involved in a hit and run car accident near his home in Luveve 5. Bulawayo.

A reliable source confirmed the incident that has left Zimbabweans at large, shattered.

“He was hit by a car from behind yabreaker imota yasimgxoba and dragged him. His mother’s words were ‘akakhangeleki’, said one source.


Another source said Cal Vin was in the presence of his girlfriend and friends just near his house at Luveve 5 when the drama unfolded.

Moments before, the crew had been out watching football at Emakhandeni Cricket Club. Apparently, on his way home from the club, he was hit by a car that was only identified by colour as white.

“We were together at a leisure spot (cricket club) and Cal Vin and his friends left. A few moments after, his girlfriend came back to the leisure spot looking distraught in search of a vehicle to ferry him to hospital.

“This happened probably at around 1:30am. Cal Vin died at Mpilo hospital according to people who went with him,” said the source.

“The artiste should get justice and the culprits should be caught without a blink in the eye,” added the source.

Mpilo officials confirmed that a man aged 35 was brought to the hospital and died upon arrival.

Ironically, when Cal Vin sang Banjalo Abantu, two years ago, the artiste was adamant that people’s actions are inculculated and filled with hidden agendas, same as the mystery surrounding his death.

Social media is abuzz with condolence messages for the talented artiste who will be remembered for vigorously putting Bulawayo music on the map and being outspoken. – Chronicle