Battle of the Chefs hots up in the UK

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Arts Reporter

Locally-produced reality television series, “Battle of the Chefs” which premièred last night on VoxAfrica UK will be franchised to 17 African countries in order to spread the market.

According to organisers of the show, the series being premièred are the ones already shown in Zimbabwe and because of the demand from other countries, they decided to franchise it.

“VoxAfrica is therefore, taking ‘Battle of the Chefs’ to three continents simultaneously where the brand will reach an average of 1.7 million rated viewers per month in the UK alone and over 100 million households worldwide,” said the organisers.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, series representative Tanaka Urayai confirmed the latest developments and was excited to share the Zimbabwean story through cooking.

“The series season 2 which première on VoxAfrica Sky 193 Freeview 271 have been shown here and we chose to include Europe on our airing list so that people in those countries can also have an opportunity to watch and try out if they want the local food, especially how our chefs prepare dishes and how we conduct our cooking show,” he said.

“It is a 45-minute reality cooking television series where in season 3, 16 chefs competed for the grand prize of US$10 000.”

Urayai said the show had already been franchised to 17 countries.

“For the next six months we will be directing viewers from other countries to VoxAfrica as they are available for free to French and English-speaking African countries,” he said.

“The show will be franchised out to 17 African countries who will be trained on how to run the show using the same standards, but in their own countries.”

Urayai said they were in talks with ZBC to re-screen the previous shows because of demand by the viewers.

“As you know we are also affected by the global pandemic Covid-19, so currently we are not shooting anything. We will resume shooting in February next year and if Covid-19 persists, we will then have to work under the World Health Organisation (WHO) restrictions,” he said.

“For locals, the competition will resume in April for television after we are done with shooting.”

Urayai said to cope up with Covid-19, they strengthened engagement of viewers via social media.

The show was produced by a production house, Area 46, under the direction of Joseph Bunga, as the executive producer and has so far aired 39 episodes on ZTV.

The ‘Battle of the Chefs’ has an integral role in the locally produced award-winning movie ‘Cook Off’ which is screening on Netflix.