Gasa brews a Tapitapi Storm in studio

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Arts Reporter
Since announcing that they would be working together on various projects recently, musicians Romeo Gasa and Lady Storm have been composing some collaborations.

Yesterday they completed recording their first collaboration with talented producer Tapiwa “Maselo” Jera titled “Tapitapi” that will be released this week.

The duo’s joint effort is a love story that was done on a fast beat meant to be a party song. They decided to work together to bring a fusion of talents and appeal to a new group of audiences that could find their duets exciting.

Gasa said they have a string of collaborations and they will use the first release to introduce their concept to the fans. They recently did a video recording of a joint performance that was received well by their fans.

“The new song will give people a feel of what we are working on. We have a string of collaborations coming up and we hope people will enjoy these joint projects. We were happy with the way people received the video of our live performance and we want to enhance the combination with studio projects,” said Gasa.

“I worked with Lady Strom at some shows before the lockdown and we discussed the issue of getting into the studio together a long time ago. However, the lockdown has given us the opportunity to sit down and create collaborations. Our first studio session was exciting and our producer enjoyed the style we introduced.”

Lady Storm, who stole the limelight through her appearance on Jah Prayzah’s video titled “Eriza”, said the new project will give music followers something to enjoy in the current lockdown.

“We are confident that our fans will find something fresh and enjoyable in this new project. They liked our live effort and they also loved our idea to have a collaboration. We have now completed the duet and it will be on the market soon. Our producer, Maselo, was happy to work on this project,” said Lady Storm.

Maselo said the studio session with Gasa and Lady Storm was a refreshing experience.

“They brought their different styles together in an exciting way. It was nice to work with them. They exhibited great touch and I had a good time with them in the studio. I enjoy working with innovative singers and I found these two outstanding in their respective arts. I have encouraged them to do a video of this exciting collaboration,” said Maselo.