Loveness Siriya

…’My husband deserted me seven years ago’

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AFRO-FUSION musician Loveness “Big Sister” Siriya says she has managed to revive her career on Covid-19 lockdown.

The talented mother of three, sings jazz, trade and Kanindo which makes a versatile artiste.


H-Metro had an option to watch her rehersal session in Chadcombe  where she is working closely with her nine-member group.

Big Sister opened up about her career  and challenges as a female artiste but she is determined to make a mark.

“My nine-member band is composed of Innocent Elder Mpala who plays the lead guitar.

“Mpala has played with many veterans including Michael Lanas and Solomon Skuza of the Banolila hit, then Patrick Mpala on rhythm guitar, Uncle Richie and Andrew Maduwa on sub-rhythm guitars, George Rasta on keyboards, Denis Mupariwa on bass guitar  and he used to work for the Paul Matavire and drummer Pius Tchuma on drums.

Loveness Siriya band members

“Elder Mpala doubkes as a the sound engineer while Lovemore Funds is the producer along with back vocalists being Jenny Chibanda, Fungai Gonye and Doubt Khosa,” she said.

On the sidelines of her practice, also narrated how her life inspired her career.

“My father Wedson Siriya called me Loveliness but there was a trypo which saw me being officially named Loveness Siriya.

“However, my father still call me Tariro Loveliness, I am the first born.


“My younger brother and sister are Misheck and Angela respectively, both were born later after I was now called Zai regondo (the only one), hence I am a bigger sister,” she said.

She also opened up on her marital problems which have inspired her songwriting.

“My husband deserted me seven years ago and is staying outside the country.

“Whether my husband is married or not, I no longer love him though he at times call me saying he still loves me but  I have already moved.

“I’m now concentrating on my music career which does not cheat me,”she said.

Buoyed by the breakthrough of her third album titled Taona Rudo, which has the beautiful song Loveliness, Big Sister has vowed to continue working hard.

“My first album was called Butiro, meaning a cover/wrapper, meaning something from the womb.

“I am having something wrapped in me that resembles a baby in the mother’s womb.

“My second album is called Rairo talks about giving advice to people.

“it has a song called Varikumhepo, which talks about my private life,” she said.


Asked who Big Sister is, she explained:

“I was born Tariro Loveness Siriya (Big Sister) in Domboshava under Chief Chinamhora in Taziva village, Pote.

“I went to Pote Secondary School up to forme one  and then did my form three  and four at Zvamatohwe Secondary School in 1999.

“I then moved to Harare where I did a course in Beauty Thearapy.

“I can safely say I was born an artist because they used to call me Nyanduri as a teen since I used to do poetry like Kwayedza MuZimbabwe and Rwayivhi at primary education level.

“I started singing when I was 17 years at Sunday school (chipositori), I then moved on to Marutera Lutheran and Mukondo Zion with my grandmother now.”

Big Sister said her life changed when she me musician and wrtier Sekemutema.

“Sekemutema Noel Tsungai Marerwa later heard me singing, practicing as a youth at home in Seke Unity K and asked me to join him.

“I starred in his video titled Teurira Gumbo naAmai and that was when I started meeting many artists.

“And one of the artistes I met was Jonathan Muzondiwa and we used to call him Uncle Muzo.

“With Uncle Muzo, I helped him record the song Dzora Moyo at Gramma Records and Shed Studios in Msasa, Harare.

“In Msasa, I met gurus like bother Somandla Ndebele, Patience Musa, Willom Tight when they were still practicing.

“All these artistes advised me to take my music career seriously even though I was still young.

“In 2018, I recorded with Sekemutema on his album called Sorojena where I did backing voclas of his two sngs – Eloi and Chikomo Chine Nhaka.

“At the end of 2018, that was when I started my own project at Innocent Mpala’s Hojombwe Studio in Unit N, Chitungwiza.

“I successfully came out with my first album Butiro at the beginning of 2019, that same year after winter I released my second album Rayiro  later my third album Taona Rudo which I later released in 2020 this year in the same month before Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

“My music is played on almost all stations, but mostly on Radio Zimbabwe and National FM and my fans are welcoming me so encouragingly,” she added..