Police warn Rugare residents

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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

POLICE have warned Rugare residents from taking the law into their hands by assaulting a suspected thief to death.

The call follows the beating to death of Ricard Tom alias Tawanda ‘Motion’ Mugove to death after he was caught at a house along Nyandoro Road around midnight on Tuesday.

Harare province deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova confirmed the mishap urging people to report all criminal activities to their nearest police station other than taking the law in their own hands.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm a case of unlawful entry and theft that took place in Rugare suburb where members of the public meted instant justice to the accused person,” said Ass-Insp Dzvova.

“Circumstances were that the accused person who is now deceased was alleged to have been spotted opening a room at the house when the tenant was not there.

“The informant heard noise and upon checking the noise at around 0100hrs the accused is alleged to have thrown a brick in an attempt to escape.

“The now deceased was apprehended and the two wrestled and the accused person was reported to have bitten the lower lip of the informant forcing him to shout for help.

“The shouting awakened neighbours who helped in apprehending the accused person.

“They assaulted him with clenched fists, open hands and kicking all over his body and the informant proceeded to lodge a report against the now deceased at a police station in Rugare.

“Police attended the scene and found the accused lying along Nyandoro Road with a swollen face and in pain.

“The now deceased managed to supply his details and was taken to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where he was pronounced dead upon arriving.

“As police we are urging people to report all cases to their nearest police stations and desist from meting instant justice to anyone found on the wrong side of the law,” said Ass-Insp Dzvova.