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…we were living in fear

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

RESIDENTS in Rugare are celebrating the death of a suspected criminal whom they said had caused a reign of terror in the area.

Tawanda Mugove, popularly known as Motion, died on Tuesday morning following a thorough bashing from the angry mob in Rugare.

It is reported that on the fateful day, he was in the company of his two accomplices when they attempted to rob an unsuspecting resident.

All the hell broke loose, leading to his apprehension while his colleagues escaped.

He has been using the same modus operandi to rob and assault his victims.

However, many versions are coming out on what really transpired leading to his fate.

Residents who spoke to H-Metro said they were living in fear following a 2013 incident in which Motion reportedly raped before killing a minor.

On the fateful day, Motion was caught while attempting to rob a house in Rugare on Tuesday early morning.

“It’s being said he confessed to killing that girl and having kept the missing parts.

“He was a hard criminal known for housebreaking and assaulting people and he also died around the age of 37 years.

“He was popularly known as Motion for his actions in the community.

“People are now scared to talk about it as the family is now threatening people as they are celebrating instead of sympathising with the family,” said another resident.

Another resident interviewed by H-Metro said mob justice was necessary.

“Mob justice pamunhu anga aane mamonths achirohwa, pamwe akarohwerwa musaga and people thought he wouldn’t walk but that very week anga aakutoba futi.

“Mapurisa akamusunga maizoshamisika munhu abuda ndozvaipa vanhu hasha kuti pavamubata vonyatsomurova.

“No one ever takes the law into their own hands muRugare, its rare kunzwa kuti pane munhu abatwa achiba akarohwa, abatwa anongosungiswa but zvinozorwadza munongoerekana mamuona aapanze.

“Last week of May he was caught paraini pedu around 2am achijamba in between the security walls.

“Until 5am vanhu vachimutsvaga before he was apprehended while he was in possession of a knife and an axe which is known to be always in possession of.

“He was apprehended at the next house from mine before his relatives called another unknown person whom they mispresented that he was a police officer,” said the sorurce.

Added the resident:

“Only for people to know the next morning that he was not taken to the station nekuti akatizwa naye nehama dzake.

“Akasiya athreatena vanhu kuti ndokudzokerai and aidzoka nehama dzacho in a Jaguar isina manumber plates and it has tint, he would not disembark from the vehicle whilst seated at the back.”

Another resident said, people are living in fear in the area.

“People lived in fear because of this guy and anga anzwa nekurohwa and most likely achikuvarira mukati.

“Zvazongoitawo munyama ava varova munhu akabva anofira kumapurisa.

“Aiwa nevamwe varume 2 who managed to escape from the scene after he was apprehended.”

Another resident said:

“The incident took place at around midnight after they broke into a house in Nyandoro Street, while attempting to steal a television set.

“Vanhu vakakwanisa kubata Mugove chete asi vamwe vacho vakatiza.

“Mugove is well known criminal in the area and people were tired of beating the same person every time.

“So people bashed him several times and he passed on at around 7 am of Tuesday  while he was in police custody,” said the resident.

It was reported that Motion allegedly raped before killing a 10 year old girl in 2013 and dumped her in a maize field.

The case has since sparked outrage.