Zim students accorded Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

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More than 120 Zimbabwean students who wrote their June and November 2019 O and A-Level examinations have been recognised with “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards”.

The “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards” recognise exceptional student performance around the world in Cambridge examinations.

There are four categories under the “Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards” – High Achievement; Top in Zimbabwe; Top in the World; and Best across Awards.

There were 28 students in the High Achievement category. This is an award for learners who achieve outstanding results in subjects which are not so widely taken.

There were 83 students in the Top in Zimbabwe category, which is an award for learners who achieve the highest standard mark in their country for a single subject.

A dozen of the students landed the “Top in the World” category, which is awarded to learners, who achieve the highest standard mark in the world for a single subject.

Five of the students were in the “Best across Awards” category, which is given to learners who achieve the highest cumulative total standard marks over a set of subjects.

Schools with the most top performing students were Hellenic Academy in Harare, the British Council (examinations centre) and St John’s College, Harare.