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‘. . . JP’s best video ever’
Charles Mushing, Deputy Editor
Star FM presenter Phathisani Sibanda lived in one room with his father from Grade 1 until he finished high school at Ellis Robins.
His is a rags to riches tale that also saw him separate with the love of his life before life turned for the better.
This is why he cried when he watched Jah Prayzah’s latest video, Munyaradzi, which has been described as the best of the seven videos off his latest album by many people.

The TV and radio that were their most valued possessions

Phathisani vowed never to play the song on air as it will him emotional.
“About 99.9 percent of that video is me. That set up of a father and his son living in one room – that is how I grew up, that is me. I can identify with everything in that room on the video. I still have the TV and the radio that we had in the corner of our one room with me father here in Kambuzuma. The Tempest radio we had was our most prized possession and mom lived in the rural areas because we could not cohabit in that one room,” chronicled Phathisani.

Pathisani next to one of his kombis with a colleague

Jah Prayzah’s video opens with a scene depicting the death of his father, played immaculately by Charles Muzembi, forcing him to go and live as a street kid after failing to pay rent. The dying man gives his son a gift that was to see him prosper in life, albeit after some suffering.
Phathisani’s father also died about five years ago and just like the father in the video, he had left something for his son.
“My father was a magician. He sent me to school and until today I wonder how he managed all that. He only died after seeing that he had done enough for my foundation and my life was about to take off after I joined Star FM. The foundation he gave me is treasure,” said Phathisani.

Pathisani in his Volvo convertible

“My father would add nothing to nothing and come out with something. I remember living in that one room. My father’s bed was in the corner occupying two thirds of the room and I would sleep on the floor between the bed and the stove. In the corner was the radio and TV on top of it and our clothes used to b stashed in bags that we forced under the bed,” he added.
Ironically Phathisani and Jah Prayzah met when they were both in dire straits.

“Me and Jah used to walk the lengths and breaths of town together, before we even dreamed that we would drive. And Jah was very tall with his size 12 boot many knew us as close buddies. Strangely, we were happy but life was tough. We would share one plate of sadza worth a dollar everyday and eat from it just like Jah does with Moana in the video,” said Phathisani, a story Jah Prayzah has also spoken of to this writer several times.
Like Jah Prayzah in the video, Phathisani also lost a loved one before fortune smiled on him. Although he could not reveal much about the breakup.

Scenes from Jah Prayzah’s Munyaradzi video

“Yes mustory mangu mune kakurambwa futi kandisingazoda kutaura. The similarities in that video are just too striking!”
But today, after weathering all these storms, Phathisani swims in luxuries. He has bought a fleet of commuter omnibuses and all sorts of luxury cars, from convertibles to Mercedes Benz and even fancy motorbikes – toys his childhood couldn’t afford. He is also building a lovely home in Harare.

“I never thought ndichakwira ndege but now when I want to go paBulawayo apa, I board a plane. I have been all over now.
“It’s unfortunate he didn’t spend my money. I wish I had put him on a plane but . . . At least he died satisfied that he had taken his son somewhere because he had heard me on radio and was proud.
“I said to Jah I will never play this song on radio. I don’t know what was his inspiration but he sang about me. The whole video just feels like déjà vu. And it has a somewhat happy ending with Jah in a Benz and when you look at the cars i’ve had, it just completes everything.”
Jah Prayzah said he was not singing about Phathisani but is glad a lot of people – like Phathisani – relate to the song.
Below are some of the viewers’ comments on the video on social media . . .
Mmoyo Mamoyo

Jah Prayzah iyi video yakapenga iyi. My favourite. On repeat.

Chenai Agnes Ndabvuma

Jah u will forever be my gets m emotional worse video kuita as if ndakatombova munyaradzi ndisina ..ndokugona kauku mwendamberi

Brian Briss Bareta

The big story have been started instead of this being the last video I see the beginning of something else, something great. Although it is a short story it a great film Blaqs had to shed a tear for a reason this is just Wawu Wawu … I will finish my nyaya later let me go and cry for now…

Chioniso Mashakada

Charles Mzembi is a great actor, well-done y’all. This video hurt me it reminds me of what I once went through

Enos Andy Matanhire

This video is out of this world, amazing creation of issues that affect us as humans. That moment you realise life was never meant to be fair…
JP you are a superstar

Clearence Dumba

The video made me emotional.its the reality of life Such is life. One minute you’re up, the next you’re down. Today you’re counting your loss, tomorrow the Almighty will reward you with huge gains. Never despair whatever happens in life. He will remove people & things from us but He will also replace them with what we truly need!
Clearence Dumba

The video made me emotional.its the reality of life Such is life. One minute you’re up, the next you’re down. Today you’re counting your loss, tomorrow the Almighty will reward you with huge gains. Never despair whatever happens in life. He will remove people & things from us but He will also replace them with what we truly need!

Tariro Garikai

I don’t think you need to explain the reason why this was the last video. I already have answers to it. Its an excellent job u did. This video is emotional i love it. What i saw in that video is true these things happen in our lives. Its a lesson in our lives especially to the girls pazvinenge zvakaoma anouya munyaradzi okunyaradza n make u happy wen u are happy wakufuratira munyaradzi uya wakuda ane mari dzake. But for the why????. Thank you JP i salute you. Always love you n your music unondigonera

Thembisa Nake

Over the years u have given us good music but l think this time around you have moved a gear up setting a platform for even bigger things to come!! It’s not easy to come up with 15 great tracks and wonderful visuals to tracks! On behalf of all the fans l just want to thank you #Tovhairafani !!

Malvern Pfupa

Thank you very much Jah …this is a masterpiece and i can safely safe the whole album is. I have enjoyed every song on this album, surely you are a SUPERSTAR of our time. #tovhairafani

Leonard Zindonda

Indeed Jar you spice our motivation that at some point in time life will change to the better, this is a very good piece of work well articulated with shots which really happens in people’s lives keep on keeping on Jar, Your music is amazing!

Winnie Gataz This song is so touching, with great lessons that happens in real life….
But I believe everything happens for a reason, somtymz God remove some pipo in your life inorder to pave way for the best in your life…
#best video song
# it’s a ????????

Kneva Kandra

One thing I respect you and your music, you take enough time to do the work the massage you deliver to the people though your music is so powerful, I ngava song yerudo kana yemafaro, they is a spiritual massage that touches people kunyainini, ndinonzwa neropa richimhanyamhanya when um listing your music,just that video alone yatotaura live yangu,inekamwe kamarwadzo kainako so ,let me just say job well done Mukudzei keep shining

Chido A Musanhi

Woow this video ka waka actor sha I felt like I was watching miracle in cell #7…what Iam trying express is i felt the lyrics ka nekupindirana ne video kwazvirikuita…bottom line is you talented is something that noone would take away from you cause you got it from above kuna mudhara God chaiko …well done wangu you nailed ndochokwadi

Danisa Malcolm

Just used to bump into your music here and there. You’ve just gained a new fan. Truly artistic, great message, great video, great album. Heavy stuff. You are one of the G.O.A.T

Ruvimbo Dendera

This was already my favorite track even before the visuals and I was praying that the video too doesn’t disappoint…and you didn’t. Thank you JP, Blaqs and the whole team for a job excellently done

Pelagia Derembwe

This vedio is so emotional and it’s quite a great lesson to us girls ,we rush for the guys with money leaving the ones who truly love us because they are poor yet we nvr know what the future holds for that person.Let us stand up and support the people who truly love us and help them archive their dreams it will be worth it in the end

Patricia Moyo

Best video ever portraying real life issues, we buried our loved ones through the outcome of such incidents, some made bad decisions out of the trauma and others still living with the pain if they didn’t receive proper counseling. Too emotional for me, played it more than twice.Well done JP, this song has many lessons, may God keep on giving you the wisdom to touch and heal many souls.

Talent Kylersoft Musengezi

This album indeed it show that it’s the 10th album,full of greatness,amazing talent.from sungano to munyaradzi indeed there is a great transformation may God keep on blessing you and increase your talent

Melody Hellen

At first pakabuda album Munyaradzi ndakaiterera ndiine dzungu but day 2 ndakazonyatsoterera ndakadzikama and it took me back and l felt emotional n was so eagerly waiting for e video then boom e video started with a man dying n l cried n jst missed my dad.Its now my favourite video this is so real it happened to me.You nailed it JP