Shumba attached to debut album

TOP gospel musician Blessing Shumba (pictured) said his first album, Ishe Wazvose, released in 2008, remained his best work despite having produced several follow-up award-winning albums.


Shumba, who has seven albums under his belt, said the album opened doors for him as a gospel musician.

“l have been asked several times which was my best album. It is difficult to judge, but my first album will remain my best because it opened a new chapter in my music career,” he said.

“As a group we have a very serious emotional attachment to our first album. We just did it for our church, but it was so well-received that we realised that we were going far as musicians.


“We did not win any award with our first album, but we have albums which went on to win awards such as Shongwe, NdiMwari and My Season. Other albums won awards at the National Arts Merit Awards.”

The debut album was followed by NdiMwari (2011), Shongwe (2013), NdiJesu (2014), Calvary (2016), My Season and NdiMweya (2019).

Shumba, who is an electrician by profession, said he was working on his next album, Covenant, but his headache was about choosing just six out of his 400 unrecorded songs. The musician has already established a studio in the eastern border city of Mutare which he is also using to tap talent from up-and-coming musicians.