Kamambo rallies new coach

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Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

ZIFA President Felton Kamambo says they believe in new coach Zdravko Logarusic to deliver.

Kamambo says Logarusic is expected to hit the ground running since he has a busy schedule in organising the upcoming games.

“We settled for Loga among a number of applicants because we believe he shares our dream of taking our football to greater heights.

“We have already begun to provide necessary tools for him to begin work right away and we will continue to support the coach and his technical team.

“He has quite a busy schedule, we want to make sure that within the next ten days he would have visited all the provinces in Zimbabwe.

“So we have quite a hectic schedule for him. We also have a busy schedule as far as the national team is concerned so there’s no time to sit and relax, “he said.

He added that Loga’s target is to exceed what his predecessors did in the last assignments.

“Our goal is to make our national team competitive and we have the right players who we are confident have the capacity to surpass any achievement.

“The target has already been set, other coaches have managed to take the team to AFCON, we need to do much better than that. There’s a lot of expectation from our football family, “he said.

Kamambo has pleaded with fans to support the Croatian coach.

“ZIFA’s plea to Zimbabweans is to support the coach so that football can begin to bring us together again in celebration as we move on.

“That is our plea we need to work together as a team, I know you want some results right away. But let’s give him the chance and the support that he wants, we will get there.

“Some people were saying he doesn’t have the needed experience compared to our coach but every journey begins with a step. Probably he is going to make his history with Zimbabwe, “he said.

He added:

“Loga already appreciate the passion that Zimbabweans have for football and he understands the work that needs to be done to bring more excitement into our sport.

“We definitely want our football to be exciting that’s why we said our motto this year is 2020 let football do the talking.

“We want the old good days to come back and I promise you it will come back, even in our PSL teams I’m seeing some exciting signing which makes our football very exciting this year.

‘Like I’ve always said we all love football, football is our game and Zimbabwe is our country so let’s support our coach so that we enjoy our football.”


Picture by Tatenda Kajekere