“My controversy is on purpose”

Nyasha Kada

SOCIALITE and influencer, Zuva Habane, says she does controversial stuff on purpose.

Zuva, who came into the country for a funeral and is expected to leave today, described being normal as boring.

She said controversy has brought her a huge following which has helped her in selling her feminine products as well as other services she offers like emceeing, motivational speaking and being a plus size model.

The plus size beauty, who is based in South Africa, said she is a free spirit that is genuine and does not fake whatever she posts on social media.


“I am real and I don’t fake, I just say facts just as they are. It’s just I’m not the formal kind of person, I am not a clean language person but that does not change facts.

“I like raw language because it’s catchy, I know some might say I am rude but I just express myself the best way I can,” she said.

Zuva said she was always an open person and her mother protected her.

“My own mother said ‘I will rather have you crazy than to be fake’,  she urged me to be myself yourself as long as you don’t hurt someone,” she said.

Despite being seen with a negative eye by some people she says she appreciates the people that love what she does.

“I meet a lot people whenever I travel and the love I get is real, people want to take pictures and tell me they love what I do and that alone is enough for me.

“Giving another human being that good vibe and energy means a lot to me.”

She revealed that social media was her playground and if some attacked her on social media that’s why she retaliates back.

“Social media is a playground where ego comes to play, if u attack me I attack back and I have never carried feelings from my personal life to social media.

“I am person that likes to keep her private life to herself and won’t tolerate people attacking it hence I retaliate,” she added.


Some people have labelled Zuva an “escort”, something she denied saying her day job as a fashion buyer has taken her to many places around the world.

“I have had people say that, heee kwese kwaanenge achienda mari yacho anoiwanepi and some people think I am an escort which is not.

“I buy fashion for different outlets in South Africa, that’s why I get to travel around a lot,” she said.

Asked about religion she said:

“I don’t follow religion but I believe there is a higher force, higher being that created men.

“I don’t need to follow religion to know God, religion is the cause of many problems in the world today.”