Boss Pumacol explains Enzo diss?

Shingirirayi Mugodi

Boss Pumacol’s new song Mhene Dzemastanzi has been taken as a diss track directed to Enzo Ishall.

The track has been circulating on social media and fans believe the song is directed to Enzo Ishall.

However, Pumacol has argued that the song is not directed to Enzo but to promoters.

He added that the song is a reality check and that everyone can relate to it.


“What I sing comes to me as a flash of inspiration.

“The motivation comes from our daily lives,” he said.

Pumacol said some people are making themselves popular using these artists.

“The reason I decided to call this song Mastanzi Emhene is because the so called promoters are coming dressed in sheep’s clothing acting like they are rich and making fake promises.

“They do not get to fulfil promises that they make to the artists and this then reflects badly on the artist when they do not deliver,” he said.

He concluded by saying that artistes should not allow themselves to be used by promoters as that will bring them down rather than building them.