Selmor strikes right chord

. . . Tuku legacy lives on

Trust Khosa and Primrose Chikanya

DEPARTED crooner Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi might have joined the great band in the sky but his legacy is safe.

So safe is the legacy that it will live on for decades to come as the diva of the moment and daughter to the iconic singer Selmor is trudging in the right path.


Selmor proved her critics wrong and convinced her father’s followers that she is destined for stars with a majestic act set to remain engraved in the minds of many at the launch of her album held at the show grounds.

Selmor shared the stage with South Africa based crooner Norman Masamba, Zex Manatsa, Alick Macheso and Suluman Chimbetu.

Among her playlist it was the song Mandidzimbira which touched hearts of many.

Buoyed by the support she got from the old guard – Never Mpofu and Eric “Picky” Kasamba – simply had a good day in office.

She made her job simple by playing both her late father’s tracks and her own songs with absolute finesse.


In an interview, Selmor could not hide her elation as fans showed her true love.

She also reciprocated by giving an inspiring act.

“I am humbled by the support I got from fans and this shows that I am moving in the right direction.

“Of course fans are still trickling in but it really promises to be a night to remember.


“I will remain focused on my job and ensure that I give fans value for their money as they have been very supportive for the greater part of the year after my father’s death,” she said.

Tuku died on January 23 aged 66 and was declared a national hero.

And ever since his death, Selmor has managed to fill in the void left by the footloose song of Katekwe.

  • Impala commitment

Among the VVIP guest was Impala Car Rental Boss Thompson Dondo who hailed  Selmor for her creative edge.

He vowed to continue bankrolling the diva after noting some positives on her progress.

“We are going to continue supporting her since we are seeing progress in her work.

“Being our brand ambassador, she has been doing very well  and we feel proud being associated with her brand.

“She is just a professional  and we are happy that she is representing our brand with dignity,” she said.


Not to be outdone was Clive “Mono” Mukundu who showered Selmor with praise.

Mono said he had a successful stint with Tuku and urged Selmor to keep the legacy going.


“Working for Oliver Mtukudzi was more like playing for the national team.

“He was no doubt one of the biggest artistes to grace this planet,” he added.


Like any other set-up there people who make a lot of donkey work yet they remain on the background.

Selmor’s ascendancy to the apex would mean nothing without mentioning her sister Sandra who has been running her affairs.

In another interview, Sandra expressed her delight after the successful album launch.

“I am very happy that the band is progressing well.

“After all, this is our first album launch after the death of our father.

“As such, we are going to build on that  to ensure that we keep the legacy going.

“Our dad taught us to work hard and we are simply trying to keep his legacy going.

“We hope he is safe wherever he is and we pray that he continues to lead us spiritually and ensure that his legacy won’t die.

“Being the eldest sister, I have a role to play and ensure that we keep his legacy going,” she said.


Sungura ace Alick Macheso who put the icing on the cake has pledged to continue supporting Selmor.

The Orchestra Mberikwazvo boss pledged to continue supporting Selomor in her endeavor to keep her father’s legacy going.

“I am very impressed by the progress she is making after the death of her father.

“Nzou was  my role model and my source of inspiration.

“Seeing his daughter making this remarkable progress is quite inspiring.

“I will do my best to ensure that her desires are granted,” he said.

Macheso has shared the stage with Selmor both locally and abroad.

Last year, the two camps performed in the UK and Australia before staging a series of performances on home turf.

One of their biggest shows was staged at Jongwe Corner where the two camps attracted a bumper crowd.

It was at Jongwe Corner where Selmor was introduced to a wholly new crowd biased towards sungura.

She didn’t disappoint as she gave her all at the show where she played both old and new numbers.

Selmor took the opportunity to sample new songs at Jongwe Corner and when she finally launched her album last Friday, fans already knew her songs.