Intwasa organisers meet stakeholders

ORGANISERS of the Intwasa Arts Festival KoBulawayo early this week held a consultative meeting in preparation for this year’s fest slated to run from September 20 to 27.


Stakeholders concurred during the meeting that the festival needed to rope in quality acts that will add value to the fiesta and come up with standards that all participating artists should adhere to.

Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, festival administrator, Runyararo Mutandi , said they were happy with the feedback they received.

“We will continue to engage with more stakeholders throughout the year as we plan for the 2020 edition of the festival. Some of the keynotes we got included the need to grow audiences, have diverse programming that will attract diverse audiences, encourage international or acts from outside Bulawayo to network with local artists so as to share experiences,” she said.


Mutandi said there was also need to have more community engagement programmes.

“There is need to increase visibility of the festival, more marketing and publicity and further develop the schools programme. We also need to revive the main stage (City Hall car park) as it’s the nerve centre of the festival,” she said.

Patience Phiri, one of the stakeholders, applauded the organisers for setting up the meeting.

”Intwasa Arts Festival 2020 promises to up the notch, should resources be available. Fingers are crossed for a funny and exciting Intwasa experience,” she said.