I can’t believe Tuku is gone – Picky

Piki Kasamba

Trust Khosa

Former Black Spirits percussionist Eric “Picky” Kasamba says he can’t believe it’s now 12 months without Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.

Kasamba, who served Tuku diligently for 26 years, says Tuku taught him to be humble and hard working.

And each time he reflects on their past together, Kasamba says it feels like a dream.

Tuku died on January 23 last year and today marks the first anniversary without the crooner.


As we reflect on Tuku’s legacy, Picky – one of the Black Spirits’ long serving generals – said he was still in shock.

“I can’t believe a year has gone by after Tuku’s death because we were so close and we would chat regularly.

“A few weeks before his death, he had called me after lining up a tour of Cape Town and Joburg.

“Sadly, the tour could not take place due to illness and later his death,” he said.

Picky, who many mistook for Tuku’s  biological brother owing to their stunning resemblance, said he benefited a lot from his looks.

“I would get favours from people who thought we were biological brothers but we were not.

“No matter how hard I tried to clarify the issue, it was difficult for me to convince them.

“I ended up admitting I was Tuku’s biological brother to cut the long story short.

“I worked with Tuku for 26 years  and there was no single day that we argued because he ran his group in a professional manner.

“I’m glad that I was part of his history but I still can’t believe he is no more.”


On his relationship with Tuku heiress Selmor, Picky said:

“Selmor was not new in the game when we came on board by the way.

“When she sought for our services, we just accepted the offer and to me, she resembles a child who looked for advice from the elders and we are here to help her.

“We will help her until she is there and he hope after the launch of the album she will be fine,” he said.

On his message to the family, Picky added:

“Peace and unity is all that we want to see prevailing in the family and nothing more.”