Art sponsors neglect grassroots talent: Mzimba

Desmond Munemo

Controversial artiste Mzimba has blasted music promoters and sponsors for neglecting grassroots artistes in favour of established singers.

In an interview with H-Metro, the Mufakose bred artiste real name Webster Manjoro said promoters have resorted to putting their money on where they gain returns.

“These so called new promoters only scramble for already established artistes yet neglecting the untapped talent.

“I know of one promoter who pays an artist a deposit so as to use his face on a poster and come show day, promoter anotiza nekusada kubhadhara balance.


This has been happening for some time and handikwate kutaura zita rake if need be,” said Mzimba.


Mzimba took time to relive his hey days during the urban grooves era where promoters would scramble for local artist and grassroots talent.

“I personally want to use a live band when recording and performing but the economic challenges have not spared even the arts industry, hence the need for genuine promoters.

“If we can get support from the government and corporate world we can be able to build an industry that can continue to sustain us and our families after we retire.

“With a proper promotional structure, a lot of artists from our era like Alexio Kawara, Junior Brown and Yoz will be singing different stories.

“The last promoter to mention was Chris Musabayana of ghetto fabulous promotions.

“The man used to pay for rentals, studio time, videos until an artist was well known.

“I am not sure why he just went quite but he is a typical example of how promoters should do,” he said.



He added:

“Music promoters scrambled for Bounty Lisa to gain mileage on her misfortune but I insists and ask why they did not come during the time she needed musical aid.

The industry then got the blessing of Boss Spencer but haakwanise kumira ari one musango umu.

“They are a lot of artists who need support in recording, marketing and getting shows.

“I have been in this industry for nearly 20 years now and the problems i faced since day one are the same problems Ras Pompy is facing today”.