Bounty Lisa confused

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. . . help from Magaya or doctors?

Arron Nyamayaro

Zimdancehall artiste Bounty Lisa says she is confused by the attention she has received ever since news of her getting help for the growth on her thigh broke out.

There seems to be enthusiasm from different sectors to help her and the offers have left her in a dilemma.

Born Lynette Lisa Musenyi, 26, the singer told H-Metro yesterday that she is now failing to decide on the direction to take after Prophet Walter Magaya prayed for her to heal before many well-wishers followed suit offering her financial and medical assistance.

“To be honest with you I am now in confusion but my faith in Prophet Magaya’s prayers is higher than the urge to seek medical treatment. All these months I have been trying the medical route but it failed me the time I needed it most,” said Lisa.

“I appreciate the donations I received from Deputy Minister (of Sport, Arts and Recreation Tino Machakaire) of ZWL$5000 and all the people calling me daily to take me to medical doctors for treatment.

“It’s like people are calling to take me to one hospital while I am admitted at another hospital when leaving one hospital to another needs documentation.

“I decided to seek spiritual guidance from Prophet Magaya first that is why I failed to honour other appointments on time.

“Ndakaita nguva ndichipedza mari ndichirapiswa saka iyezvino hupenyu wangu hunokosha kupfuura mari yandingawana saka ndisirikuvhunduka nevarikundishevedzera rubatsiro.

“Besides respecting and honouring people’s call for medical doctors, I witnessed my former husband Soul Jah Love receiving healing in the hands of Prophet Magaya.

“With that in mind, I have faith in the man of God and see the need to respect him after all he is the one who opened the door for all the people calling for donations.

“After consulting Prophet Magaya he advised me to respect medical doctors while receiving prayers saying there is a difference between diseases and sickness.

“Hanzi Mwari vanoshandisa madoctors kurapa vanhu saka iye akamboshevedza madoctors eku India muno kuti vamubatsire nezvemishonga,” said Lisa.

Lisa said she respects her parents’ decisions as well since they suspect her sickness has an evil spiritual force behind it.

“My parents strongly believe that my sickness has an evil spirit behind it and are urging me to seek spiritual deliverance,” she said.

“Considering the advice I got from Prophet Magaya it sounds noble and profitable to seek medical treatment and spiritual deliverance at the same time.

“From the day I received prayers from Prophet Magaya I slept well and the pain vanished although the growth on my thigh is still visible.

“Kwandiri ini semunhu akatambura ndikaparadza mari ndiriku South Africa ndirikutenda kuti minamato yaProphet Magaya ndiyo yazarura rubatsiro rwandirikupihwa neruzhinji,” said Lisa.

Contacted for comment, Prophet Magaya reiterated Lisa statements about the need to receive both medical and spiritual deliverance.

“I met Lisa and told her to seek both spiritual deliverance and medical treatment,” said Prophet Magaya. “Handina kumuti sarudza chimwe chete asi kuti abatsirwe pazvose nekuti Jesu akauya kuzoporesa zvirwere nemarwadzo.

“Sickness is the pain you feel in your body and sometimes if you consult medical doctors they fail to identify the problem asi iwe uchirwadziwa zvakasimba izvozvo zvinoda minamato.

“Diseases are caused by biological things and such are cured by medical doctors and they can easily see the symptoms and get correct medication.

“I always encourage people to consult medical doctors before, during and after receiving prayers and I am after seeing Lisa’s problem out not seeking self-praise or my glory,” said Prophet Magaya.

Lisa, suffering from a growth on her right thigh, was beamed live on Yadah television accompanied by her father and sister last Sunday and was seen receiving prayers from Prophet Magaya.