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Minister comes through for Bounty Lisa

Rest Mutore

DEPUTY Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Tinoda Machakaire, has pledged to facilitate the treatment of Zimdancehall singer Bounty Lisa who developed a growth on her right thigh.

The growth, according to Bounty Lisa, is called Lipoma – a benign tumor made of fat tissue which is generally soft, movable and painless.

Deputy Minister Machakaire said he will engage authorities from the Ministry of Health and Child Care  to help in the treatment of the musician.


Machakaire, who pledged about ZWL $5000 for groceries yesterday, also tasked Bounty Lisa to get quotations from local health practitioners and take them to his office.

“I came here after I heard about your condition. The visit is just to see the condition and talk on how we can help you going forward.

“You are a youth and you are also into arts so you are under my ministry. So we will help you get treatment, I will speak to those responsible particularly my colleagues in the Ministry of Health. For now, we will focus on local healthy institutions and we take it from there.

“So I am tasking you to go and get quotations from local health institutions and doctors so that we get to know the amount required for the treatment,” said Machakaire.

The Deputy Minister has vowed to help Bounty Lisa until she is healed and will be happy to see her back on stage.

“I am promising to help her because she is part of us. That’s why I am here, these are some the things that we have to do as government. The youth is the future.

“I also think going forward, there is need for us to have a fund for these artistes going forward so that it becomes easier when we encounter problems like these. We don’t necessarily need to be reactionary always.

“Also to our artistes, I also encourage you to join medical covers among other facilities that can help you when you encounter such problems. We will work with our youths and those in the arts sector to educate and help them to also prepare their future,” said Machakaire.

Bounty Lisa hailed Deputy Minister Machakaire, who is also the legislator for Wedza South, for the support he has pledged.

“I am so humbled, to have a Deputy Minister visiting me and pledged to help. He has promised to help me until my problem is solved and that gave me confidence that everything will be fine soon.


“I will be strong. I have been going to hospitals and they have been I was booked for operation in October 2020 which I think is too late. So his intervention will obviously help,” said Bounty Lisa.