Lady Storm New Year’s Day horror

. . . I will never taste alcohol again!

Trust Khosa

LADY Storm says she almost met her Maker on New Year’s Day after she suffered a severe alcohol-induced stomach bug.

The 26-year-old, who was struggling to walk in pain, was treated at a local clinic where she appeared to have lost some kilos.

Speaking to H-Metro, the mother of one who made a name for herself in one of Jah Prayzah’s videos as Eriza, blamed it on excess alcohol intake during the festive season.


“I almost died on New Year’s Day after bingeing with my husband and relatives during the festive season.

“I was so excited after meeting my relatives that we partied excessively and it did not end well for me,” she said.

The Swagga Band leader, who was spotted in a wheel-chair on the day she was admitted, said she was now fit.

“The situation was bad when I was admitted, ndaichaya zvisingaite nekuti nyonó yacho yanga yandibata rough.

“When I used the wheel-chair, I wanted to jump the queue contrary to claims that I could hardly walk.

“As I said earlier on, I had a running stomach and I didn’t want to soil myself by walking since the condition was bad.

“I’m glad that I have recovered and I don’t think I will taste alcohol again.

“For the greater part of the festive season, we hopped from pub to pub and ended up at Mashwede on New Year’s Eve where I downed whisky tots and ciders along with my husband Mukanya and other relatives,” she said.

Asked what was on her mind when she was admitted, Lady Storm said:


“Obviously I was thinking of my only daughter Chloe.

“I was just praying that the Maker gives more time to live and raise my child.

“I couldn’t imagine myself leaving my dsaughter to be raised by other people; it was just a harrowing experience to say the least.”

When further quizzed why she was bingeing irresponsibly, Lady Storm continued:

“Festive season is just time to merry-make and for ladies like us who work hard but end up being fleeced, we needed to refresh.

“I was just partying like anyone else but from today onwards, I don’t want to see booze; I don’t know when I will take alcohol again because I have learnt a lesson.”


Reflecting on the year 2019, Lady Storm was so blunt.

“It was indeed a difficult year for me and I don’t want to lie because things were very hard for us.

“We could not secure live shows and we ended up suspending live shows,” she said.

Lady Storm also bemoaned ill-treatment by show promoters and club owners in the year 2019, which saw her slowing down on shows.


“Being a female artiste is more like a curse in this country because your efforts will never be recognised.

“No matter how you work hard, you will still remain under the shadow of male artistes.

“Even if you release a beautiful song, it won’t get the hype.

“I urge the arts regulatory chiefs to consider our plight because we are dying in silence.”

  • 2020 PLANS

Despite enduring a tough 2019 and starting the year 2020 on a low, Lady Storm remains hopeful.

“Once I am fully fit, I will resume live shows and of course continue shooting some videos.

“There are also tours line-up and we will see how we are going to tackle it and ensure that try our best.

“The only problem here is that we are operating in an uneven group.

“If we were appreciated like our male counterparts, I think we would fulfill our plans,” she said.


The former soldier, who traded the gun for the dance floor, said she was now heavily dependent on her husband.

“I have been supplying cosmetics but with the current situation in Zimbabwe, my husband has been there for me.

“I also have a loving family who also support me when I am down.

“As we speak here, there are some relatives who are waiting for me at our apartment.

“I am surrounded by loving people and this gives me the strength to work hard.

“I have seen quite a lot in life but my relatives have always been there for me,” she added.

Lady Storm is one of the few active female artistes on the local music scene who have managed to stay in the game despite challenges.