Wedding bells for Mai Titi

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

WEDDING bells are ringing for gospel musician-cum-comedienne Mai Titi and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Gweru based artiste Zizoe Pamyk, H-Metro can exclusively reveal.

Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, 33,’s romantic photographs and videos with Zizoe Pamyk, real name Blessed Zingwe have been circulating on social media for the past week.

In a wide range interview, Mai Titi and Zizoe Pamyk confirmed that their relationship has developed that the two are bound to tie the knot before November this year.

Zizoe Pamyk told H-Metro that his family is behind his decision to marry Mai Titi regardless of their age difference.


“Mukuru, mudiwa ndewangu, Mai Titi ndevangu hapana chakamboipa pazvese uye ndinobvuma zvose zvirikutaurwa pamusoro perudo,” said Zizoe said.

“Gadzirirai muchato, tichakoka Zimbabwe yose kana zvichibvira uye chikafu chichange chiripo.

“Mhuri yangu nekwandinobva madzikoma nevose zviri official. Zvemakore zvinyanyana izvo tozokurukura pamberi,” he said as some of his relatives nodded in agreement.

Mai Titi, who started off as a gospel musician during the rising of her best friend in music Mercy Mutsvene, confirmed the development saying she failed to resist Zizoe’s love.

She narrated how she grew up in a Christian family, started her music career before she shelved the musical instruments when she tied the knot with Tapiwa Mutikani, a wedding filmed and captured by this writer 11 years ago.

“I am aware that you are the one who filmed my first wedding with Tapiwa and this time you are going to capture my second wedding with Blessed Zingwe,” said Mai Titi.

“Our society frowns upon a woman when she marries a man younger than her but I have learnt a lot and come to understand the secrets of love,” said Mai Titi.

“My relationship with Zizoe started when he called for help in his music and I later discovered that I had already charmed him and he had assured his family that he wanted to take me as his wife.

“I laughed at it but I failed to resist his love and we fell in love mmmmmm rudo rwasimba uye harusi rudo rwakapusa, rwakakotsira kana rwekufadzana saka before November tinenge tachata uye kunogona kuita kurekure.

“Zizoe is fully aware of my age and status.


“He has won my heart and I have followed my heart too and we will be separated with death. I can’t wait.

“My heart will not fail me on Zizoe and he loves my children a thing I failed to get from that white man I refused to get married to.

“Marriage is for life while a wedding is an event and by this I mean that Zizoe’s family has already accepted me and I feel comforted and loved.

“Wedding is like an icing cake to our union and let the society know that love is unselfish outgoing concern and what you make it that even animals know where they are loved and taken care of,” said Mai Titi.

Concerning age differences, Mai Titi said age has to do with numbers but love has to do with feelings and maturity.

“I do not encourage child marriages since marriage is for mature people where a man and woman become husband and wife,” said Mai Titi.

“We have older men who act childish although living with a woman who is five years younger than them. It’s a pity.

“In other relationships we have older women dating young blood but when it comes to real love they fail to deliver.

“By this I want to urge families to help their children be mature, get understanding and not rush into marriage zvinoda ruzivo nechifukidziro chedenga,” she said.

Mai Titi’s parents are elders in one of the big local Pentecostal churches.