Put Identification Tags On Your Husbands…I Don’t Date Just Anyone: Bev Advises Wives

Controversial dancer Beverly Sibanda has lashed out at the people who call her a pr0st_itute saying that she does not date just anyone. The outspoken raunchy dancer said that when she dates people she does not date all of them at the same time as the media sometimes implies.

She emphasized that just like anyone else, she is free to date whoever she likes and added that the people whom she dates are actually very lucky. She also advised women to put identification tags on their husband so that people know that they are taken.

In an interview with H-Metro’s Latwell Nyangu, Bev said,

If you call me a prost_itute why can’t you call these prominent people with se_x tapes? Why can’t you call them bit_ches? Just because its Bev, Zita iri rinokanganisa vanhu ka. But you are leaving those prost_itutes and focusing on me.

I am a professional artist zvekuti ndorova kana murume wemunhu mbama. There are fans who think that I am a whore, and want to grab me in wrong places.


…When I date someone, they are lucky because I don’t just date. So, tell those women who are afraid of me kuti vambotuma varume vavo, and they will see. I have enough money for a fine, ndovabhutsura.

Also, please put tags on your husbands for identification purposes. I don’t need them anyway. Akatoita munyama is Andy Muridzo, but we are in good books with his ex-wife Chido (Mai Keketso)…asati atizira zvaakaita izvi, I had rejected him despite his refusal to part ways. Aitoramba kurambwa.

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