PICS: Misred And ‘Jah Prayzah’ Caught in the Act

Misred and ‘Jah Prayzah’ photo 

An uncomfirmed photo of radio and TV presenter Misred and a man thought to be singer Jah Prayzah locked in an embrace has set tongues wagging on social media.

While the picture most certainly looks like an innocent hug, the two’s proximity has definitely inspired creative and suspicious minds alike.


Below are some of the comments

‘Look closely guys jah akagara pachair on the first snap mybe yu still. Thinking bout de hug iye Achitorova ka qui_ckie pazhe plus husiku kah uyo’ said one social media user

“Technically yes, it’s true that they are hugging, but how do we know it’s a music video? Besides the pic looks too clear to have been taken muchihwande and they are both wearing clothes and are outside. ?” said another

“Chero akaita JP still its bhoo. Munoda kuti aite sei? @imisred is just too hot u guys ahh. Evry guy would fall fr her . Chero ini zvangu kkkk #NdiniNdadaro #PlusSizeWomen?”

“Jah is too hot guys and iye anotozviziva,who wld want a piece of him”

However some doubted it’s Jah Prayzah

” Thot jp’s locks r tinted kumaedges kkkkkkk tht cnt b him aaaah” another follower said

“Vanhu zvamuri kufunga hazvisirizvo…munhu wamuri kuti ndiye haaasi….just wait fr nyaya yenyaya” chipped in another