Mtukudzi cheats death…hospitalised

Oliver Mtukudzi’s daughter, Samantha was recently involved in a car accident.

The incident occurred a day before she was supposed to travel to Rwanda with her father.

Tuku, who lost his son Sam to a tragic road traffic accident in 2010, told journalists in Rwanda that Samantha had to be hospitalised after the crash.

“I lost a son that was a bit of musician. I have a daughter Selmor who is running her own band and unfortunately my second daughter didn’t make it this time, we were supposed to be with her but she didn’t make it. She had an accident yesterday morning so she’s in hospital so she couldn’t make it to Rwanda.

“All of these children, they’re not taking my career, no. They’ve to be who they are. They can’t fit in my shoes and I can’t fit in their shoes,” he said.