Disgraced DJ Spencer Banda Speaks After Beating

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Disgraced ZBC TV Sports reporter Spencer Banda has opened up on a social media post making wild runs that he was caught pants down in another man’s bedroom.

In a statement sent  by a colleague of Banda, which is also circulating in the social media, Banda apparently claims that he was kidnapped in the streets of Harare and beaten up before being photographed half naked.

“I was on my way home from Hifa then idecided to pick up my teams order yema rugby stockings. As i was waiting for my parcel on the road a car parked in front of mine and from it came out 4 gentlemen who started to assault me and one of them manhandling our Sock supplier,” says the post allegedly written by Banda.

“In the process they were accusing me of dating this woman and the mob that had gathered began to assault me. For close to 2 hrs I endured this trying to profess my innocence. When i got a chance I fled and went to the police where I filed a report and the culprits were uprehended,” says the post.

Questioned by ZimEye.com on how the reporter appears naked in the picture and at a residence not on the streets, Banda’s collegue who insisted on anonymity could not explain.

“My brother just take what we are telling you except if you have your own version which you want to push to tarnish his image go ahead and publish that,” he said.

The friend further went on to warn the ZimEye.com reporter that he should not have published the story in the first place since he is also a man and likely to be caught in the same predicament.

“You are a man too my friend, you also get involved in such situations. If I was you I would not write anything about this especially about a collegue in the industry,” he said.

The friend would also not disclose the police station where the report was made. Harare Central Police expressed ignorance on the matter.

Efforts to get Banda’s official comment on both the incident and the statement were futile.