Pervert preacher Walter Masocha demanded the same salary as the Archbishop of Canterbury

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By Lauren Crooks | Daily Record |

UNITED KINGDOM – Pervert preacher Walter Masocha demanded the same wages as the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Scottish Daily Record reports.

Walter Masocha during an Agape church service

The church leader and his wife shared salaries worth £100,000 a year after launching the church which took £4million in four years.

A former finance committee member at the church said Masocha was being paid £55,000 while his wife Judith took home £45,000 from the Agape for All Nations church in 2009.

He said the amounts only came to light when he pushed the board for a figure as they requested self-proclaimed archbishop Masocha get a five per cent pay rise.

They claimed the payment was in line with what other archbishops were paid, citing the Church of England leader – who earns around £70,000 – as an example.

Female worshippers literally fall at shamed preacher Masocha's feet at an Agape service

The man, who left the church in disgust over the payments, said: “At one board meeting, it was proposed that there be a five per cent increase in Walter and his wife’s salaries.

“I asked how much they were earning. I only found at the next meeting when I again asked and I was told Walter was earning £55,000, and Judith was on £45,000.

“I asked them how they came on this figure, and I was told, ‘We are comparing this to the Archbishop of Canterbury.’

“I said, ‘You guys are crazy’.”

He was so worried about the misuse of the funds that he reported the issue to the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) after he left in 2009.

The man said: “Walter was recording every sermon he preached and spent time selling the DVDs, on the basis the money was going to the church.

“But the money wasn’t going into the church account. That was the last straw for me and I wrote to him saying I was resigning.

“Then I wrote to OSCR to tell them what was happening and that I thought Masocha was earning
too much.

“They conducted an investigation then came back to me and said they couldn’t tell churches how much they pay their pastors.”

Masocha was last month convicted of groping a young woman and a girl aged 15 at his church in Stirling.

Walter Masocha was known by church members as "The Prophet", "The Apostle" and "Man of God"

We told last week how politicians urged regulators to investigate where almost £4million worth of profits raised in the past four years had gone.

Concerns were raised by members who were donating a percentage of their salaries to the church.

Last year, Agape took in £850,959 and paid out almost all of that towards undefined “charitable activities”.

Church chairman Duncan Dougall said some parishioners had become “jealous” of Masocha’s progress and raised concerns about finances. Daily Record