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WATCH:Cellphone Thief Suffers Excruciating Pain After Owner Bewitches Him

A Chitungwiza man will forever rue the day he stole one Sensei Cletus’s phone after the latter went to consult popular ‘back to sender’ prophet Madzibaba Stephen in a bid to get his phone back by all means.

The thief , identified as Vincent started suffering from itchy skin, stingings, hallucinations and hearing voices as a result of the spell cast upon him.

During an interview, Vincent was constantly scratching his body and could barely sit still.

Any attempt to make conversation with him would result in him conversing with unknown entities who he claimed were trying to silence him.

However Vincent’s woes came to an end after he returned the cellphone to Cletus, accompanied by his relatives and confessed his deed.


Cletus was told to urinate on Vincent’s head in order to free him from the curse.

Watch the video below

-Credit Iharare News