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JUST IN: Murehwa second murder suspect remanded in custody

The late Tapiwa Makore (7).

Rutendo Rori Mash East Correspondent

Tapiwa Makore (senior) (57), the suspect linked to the murder of a seven-year-old Murehwa boy in the company of his herdboy Tafadzwa Shamba has been remanded in custody.

Makore is the older brother to the murdered boy’s father.

He appeared before magistrate Ms Chiedza Gatsi at Murehwa Magistrate’s Court facing charges of murder, and was remanded in custody to October 13.

Prosecuting, Ms Paidamoyo Gutu told the court that on September 17 at around midday, the accused person Shamba proceeded to the garden where the deceased Tapiwa (junior) was watching over the family garden.


It is alleged that accused person gave Shamba some keys to his house.

Shamba went and lured the now deceased from the garden to the accused’s homestead where he detained him in the dinning room after giving him sadza to eat as per their agreement.

It is alleged that the accused was later alerted that the now deceased had gone missing and joined other villagers to search for him till midnight.

Makore later went home and found the deceased asleep, under the guard of Shamba.

It is reported that on the following day at around 1am, Shamba carried the victim to a secluded area in the company of the accused.

Makore manhandled the boy by the legs whilst his accomplice used a knife to cut off the deceased’s head, both arms and limps.

The remains were packed in two different packages with limps and arms in the same pack.

Tafadzwa Shamba narrates the grisly murder

Makore carried the pack which had limps and both arms, whilst Shamba carried a pack which had the abdomen and head.


The abdomen was dumped near Summer Murwira’s homestead but he took the other parts to the accused’s homestead for safe keeping.

On the same day, Murwira discovered the abdomen which was being eaten by his dog and puppies.

It is also alleged that on the same day, Shamba removed his pair of trousers which had some blood stains, and placed them in the accused person’s kitchen hut.

On September 20, detectives recovered the pair of trousers after searching the accused person’s house.

On September 23, Shamba was picked and a search was conducted in his bedroom leading to the recovery of a white stained vest. He confessed to committing the offence with the accused person.

A post-mortem was conducted and the cause of death could not be determined.