Male teacher is drugged, kidnapped and raped by four female ‘sperm bandits’ in Zimbabwe

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  • The un-named man claimed he was set upon by a group of four women 
  • He told police he was given a lift in a Toyota Quantum with South African plates
  • The Zimbabwean teacher claims he was left with bruised genitalia by the women
  • Three women were arrested in 2011  in Bulawayo carrying condoms full of semen 

A teacher was kidnapped, drugged and gang-raped by four female ‘sperm bandits.’

They left him naked with bruised genitals next to a bush after giving him a lift in a mini-bus.

The unnamed man, believed to be in his late 20s, told police he was sexually molested after the male driver made a detour to supposedly pick up someone else.

A source close to the investigation said: ‘The driver suddenly stopped and one of the women quickly covered his eyes while the others held his feet and hands together.

The victim, not pictured, was looking for a lift to Bulawayo, file photograph, inside a Toyota Quantum which had South African number plates before he was drugged and raped

The man said he was picked up in a Toyota Quantum, file photograph, and sexually assaulted before he was dumped on the side of the road, naked and with badly-bruised genitals

‘The man said they forced him to drink a substance from a bottle and he passed out.

‘He suspects they took turns to sexually assault him and took away his semen.

‘After waking up he put on his clothes left at the scene and walked to the main road where he got a lift to the police station.’

Officers probing the case in Lupane, Zimbabwe, are treating it as aggravated indecent assault.

The man, who was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital, said he was offered a lift to Bulawayo in a Toyota Quantum with South Africa number plates.

So-called ‘semen harvesters’ first made headlines in 2011 when they pounced on motorists on a road between Gweru and Harare.

Three women were arrested with 31 condoms full of semen after they were caught at a roadblock.

And last year three other women reportedly abducted a man in Bulawayo and forced him to have sex with them before vanishing with his semen.

Inspector Eglon Nkala appealed for witness in a bid to crack the latest case.  -Dailymail