Transport and logistics start up defy economic headwinds

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Transport and Logistics start-up, MartGreen international is gradually penetrating the cut throat market despite the economic challenges bedeviling the economy with a view to position itself as a transnational cargo transportation entity.


The company which began operations in 2016 as a transport broker has expanded footprints to become one of the sought after integrating customs clearance, freight forwarding and logistics entity services.

In a considerable space of time it has managed to penetrate the market and scoop several contracts to move chrome, granite, steel , fertiliser, grain among other commodities.

MartGreen has forged partnerships with CMA CGM S.A, a French container transportation and shipping company as well as Swiss based Mediterranean Shipping Company.

“If you see the big transport companies they started small to grow big.Thats the same thing we saying. They all grew and conquered the world,” Martgreen International Chief Executive Officer Tinashe Chirere said.

“We don’t want companies coming from outside to outshine us. We are looking at the world. We have soft assets. If you want to bring machinery from Chicago to Zimbabwe we are able to do that. We are partnering agencies all over the world.”

To date it has registered presence in the neighbouring countries that include South Africa, Botswana and Zambia and envisages to encroach the entire of Africa by 2025 and claim global presence by 2030.

“We may not have physical presence in every country but in Europe, Asia, America, Australia we must have partners that allow us to move cargo.We must have a strong network to grow cargo. We want to be that company that can move anything anywhere,” he said.

Chirere is this week set to digitise logistics by launching the Mart green cargo App designed to aggregate end to end haulage operations through technology to help cargo owners,truck owners drivers and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient supply chain framework.

Martgreen Cargo App will use big data and technology to reduce logistics challenges while creating a platform for exporters and importers to get efficiency and convenience through cost reduction in the supply chain.

“From the client perspective we identified that they are overcharged.Because lets say they hire a transport from Harare to Beira..where they are supposed to be charged one way, they are charged double price because the transporter has no guarantee that they will find something to carry on their way back.So we are providing an information gap through this mobile application,” said Chirere.

“So at any time you log onto the MartGreen cargo mobile application .At any time you will be able to know who got cargo and is in need of transport.The app links both the transporter and client in real time.”

Chirere highlighted that as transporters charge one way trip this therefore means that logistics costs will become lower and this will trickle down to the products of ferried goods and commodities

“The app will provide with a pool of clients and transporters that are there. This will close the information gap. The logistics cost will become lower and the price of transported goods become cheaper,” he said.