CBZ reintroduces international travel insurance

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By Business Reporter

CBZ Insurance has reintroduced its international travel insurance set to benefit policy holders on matters of personal safety, baggage damage and other unforeseen financial losses going away for trips.

The programme covers business or recreational travellers.

Under the insurance initiative, CBZ Insurance undertakes to ensure those covered receive immediate and direct assistance right at the time one encounters a problem.

What the Travel Insurance covers shall depend on one’s budget, type of trip, activities while one is abroad, their destination as well as trip duration.

The cover includes International Medical and Hospitalisation expenses, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation expenses in case of death as well as compensation for luggage incidents.

In terms of baggage, the travel insurance programme covers loss of passport, driving license, national id card abroad.

In the case of flights, compensation shall be payable upon loss of checked-in baggage, delay in luggage arrival of luggage well as location and forwarding of baggage and personal belongings.

The programme cover shall exclude those with pre-existing and chronic conditions, one engaging in dangerous-considered sports and any kind of professional sport practices.

Among activities excluded from the travel insurance cover are manual labour related activities involving working with one’s hands using both mechanical and non-mechanical devices.

Also excluded are services contracted without the previous authorisation of the assistance operators, fragile baggage or electronic items carried in the checked-in baggage, acts of Go, pregnancy and accidents due alcohol abuse.

Insurance benefits will ensure you are compensated after your trip ends.

Meanwhile, assistance services will ensure you receive immediate and direct assistance at the moment the problem arises.