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Daisy And Selmor Fighting Over Oliver Mtukudzi’s Legacy

by The Herald

When she distances herself from gigs that have been organised in honour of her late husband Oliver Mtukudzi, is she implying there are sinister motives in the gestures?

While she does not openly say it, a statement from Tuku Music that expressed reservations over events to honour the national hero raises a lot of dust.

Many critics have interpreted the move as a ploy to block Mtukudzi’s daughter Selmor from taking over her father’s legacy.

Daisy is Selmor’s stepmother and their unsound relations have been a matter of public consumption for years.


Selmor is widely seen as the right person to take over her father’s musical legacy because she has been doing music for a long time.

She has also participated in gigs to honour her father and Daisy’s actions have been seen as an obvious move to derail any plans to crown Selmor as the heir to Mtukudzi’s music.

Contacted for comment by The Herald, Daisy could not open up on the issue.

“I don’t know what you talking about. All I know is I am not part and parcel of whatever is going on. If anything comes I will contact you,” she said.

The speculation and accusations against Daisy emanated from the statement on Monday that was released on social media announcing that the family is not part and parcel of any event and pleaded with everyone to respect their wish.

“As the Mtukudzi family, we would like to thank everyone who comforted us during the hard time when we lost a son, father, brother, uncle, husband and grandfather, Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

“We appreciate the support shown to us from everyone at this very hard time and we wish that such a gesture be accorded to everyone else at their time of need.

“We are still trying to come to terms with the loss of our pillar of strength and as such we have not engaged any organization or individual to organize, plan any events on behalf and for the Mtukudzi family here in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

“We would like to distance ourselves from any events or gatherings that are being held in the name of the Mtukudzi family as we are still grieving,” read part of the statement.

This angered many fans.


Tuku was more than just a family man, he was a man of the people. An entertainer and a hero who will be remembered for his music works forever. Everyone want to celebrate his life.

If Daisy is doing so to fight Selmor over her father’s music, then she defies the meaning of her name: a beautiful flower.

Some fans even queried if ever she was also disowning the recently show held in South Africa and the one done in Canada with the former Black Spirits band members.

Among many messages that attacked Daisy in several harsh words, one fan Codza Sackie had a piece of advice for the widow.

“I have been #TeamDaisy since the funeral because she was the one who was looking after the late legend. Daisy please, Dee, don’t taint the respect that the fans have for you as the surviving spouse.

“It’s not only the Mtukudzi family that is mourning his departure. Why not sit down with the organisers and agree on something rather shutting them down, you never know you might get something after the events,” he posted.

Maybe Daisy has to reconsider this advice to salvage respect that seems to be slipping away with every harsh comment that an angry fan makes over the issue.