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PICTURES: ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ Girl Lorraine Guyo Lands Advertising Appearances With Steward Bank, JanJam

Lorraine Guyo, popular for her Ndinyengeiwo video that went viral, has attracted some brands that have featured her in their adverts. These include one of the largest local financial institutions Steward Bank, a popular clothing retail brand JanJam, an upcoming fast food chain Mambo’s and a gadgets brand, Avion.

Here are some pictures of her appearances in the advertising of these companies which are riding on her popularity wave:

Lorraine Guyo In a JanJam Valentines Day advert
Lorraine Guyo in a JanJam Appearance for Valentines Day
In a Steward Bank Appearance for Valentines Day


In a Mambo’s advert


JanJam appearance on social media



Steward Bank appearance on social media


Guyo eats chicken in Mambo’s advert


Guyo in Mambo’s fast food attire


In a smartphone advert