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Zimra collects $1.15m for Bugatti from Zimbabwean owner

HARARE – A $2 million supercar delivered to Zimbabwe on August 28 paid $1.15 million in duty, we can reveal today.

The 2009 Bugatti Veyron Fbg par Hermès edition was delivered by a KLM Cargo plane at a cost of $36,000.

Bugatti sent a representative to supervise the car’s loading in the Netherlands, its off-loading in Harare as well as its delivery to its owner.

ZIMRA parried questions about the identity of the owner, and the amount of duty paid citing confidentiality

But sources told ZimLive that the costs related to the acquisition and delivery of the car were broken down as: Euro 1.9 million (about $2.2m) to buy the car, Euro 31,000 ($36,000) to fly it to Zimbabwe and Euro 990,000 ($1.15m) for the duty.


The information was obtained from airport employees, who said the paperwork for the car – just as happened with the last Bugatti delivery in August – appeared to have been completed in advance, with mystery men thought to be state security agents ensuring the clearance procedures are not delayed.

The identity of the owner of the car remains unknown, but airport workers said they had been told the car would be staying in Zimbabwe.