Picture: Mugabe Finally Kisses Woman Of His Dreams Dr Khupe

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Almost 5 years when PRESIDENT Mugabe charmed the then Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe when he described her as a beautiful and meticulous lady, he finally today kissed a woman of his dreams.



Khupe has graduated with a Ph.D. Social Studies. Thesis title: The Informal Sector and Empowerment of Women: A Case Study of Women Retail Traders in Flea Market in Bulawayo.In 2012  Mugabe said he had realised that the directors of ceremonies had mistakenly omitted DPM Khupe in their introductions.
“She has been omitted by people who arrange these introductions but I don’t because she is always in my mind. A beautiful lady . . . a meticulous lady.
“How can anyone forget a person of that charm, a very charming lady,” said the President, drawing amusement from the gathering.

Mugabe went on to tell mourners at the burial of his sister Bridget in 2014 that his father loved Ndebele women.

Said Mugabe: “My father was away for ten years in Bulawayo where, along with my uncles and other men, mainly from Manicaland, he was fleeced by beautiful Bulawayo ladies.

“At that time, Bulawayo had a vibrant social life and men across the country flocked to that part of the country. Harare paled in  significance in that regard.

“When he returned he had married a Ndebele woman and had sired three children, Albert, David and Regina (ex-ZESA boss Sidney Gata’s wife). He loaded his loot onto a train and came home.”

The elder Mugabe did not only bring along his new Ndebele beauty but dragged his new in-laws along.

“He was so in love with Ndebele women that he brought with him his father and mother-in-law as well as his wife’s sisters,” said Mugabe rolling with laughter.