‘Tobacco floors decentralisation creating jobs’, MP

Cde Mugweni

Daniel Chigunwe

Mash Central Correspondent

Over 800 locals in the farming town of Mvurwi have secured employment following the opening of the tobacco marketing season yesterday.

The successful decentralisation of tobacco floors to smaller towns has resulted in eight related businesses setting up shop in Mvurwi.

Tobacco giants including Boka, MTC, Voedesel, Grandicore, and SubSahara have since established floors in Mvurwi with Mazowe North legislator Cde Campion Mugweni saying the decentralisation is positively impacting on business and lives of people in the fast growing town.


“I need to commend tobacco farmers for heeding the President’s call to decentralise floors,  a move that has also seen development activities expanding especially in the employment creation area.

“Meanwhile,  we have more than 800 people who have secured jobs in these tobacco companies with at least 3000 indirectly benefiting through business as farmers contribute to a large market for those in the informal sector, ” he said.

Cde Mugweni however, urged contracted farmers to desist from crop side marketing and at the same time called for the tobacco companies to remember ploughing  back to the community.

“For small scale tobacco growers to keep excelling, they have to create good relations with contracting companies especially by desisting from side marketing which is a breach of contract.

“At the same time, we do also expect companies to plough back to communities by contributing towards development goals like education. We have companies that are building schools, which is commendable, ” added Cde Mugweni.