Summit rounds up women’s month

Dr Ru Bossbae Mudzamiri

. . . women challenged to utilize potential

Charles Mushinga, Deputy Editor

The second edition of the BossBabe Summit, held virtually over the weekend due to Covid-19, has been described as a resounding success.

Over 6000 people viewed the summit virtually on Saturday with almost 1000 comments and 83 shares.


Rutendo Melody Gambiza

The response surprised the founder of the summit Dr Rutendo Mudzamiri, affectionately known as “Dr Ru Bossbae” who did not expect such an audience and engagement.


“The summit was awesome!” she exclaimed from her United States base.

Mabel Butler

“It was received in a way we never imagined because we were bringing a virtual experience for the first time. What was more inspiring is the realization that the audience was ready and engaged.


We noticed that there were women from all walks of life and professions especially the corporate and business world and we are ready to work on the next offering that continues to serve women in and outside Zimbabwe.



While we started with the summit focused on Zimbabwean women, the virtual experience made us realize we are not called to a location and we can reach women all around the globe so we are ready to scale the work forward celebrating and uniting women globally,” she said.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

As a result of the global nature of the audience, Dr Ru said in future, they will not limit themselves to a location.


“After all that’s what evolving is about; even after the pandemic, we will continue to offer the virtual and onsite experience. There are also so many powerful voices in Zimbabwe and we need to make sure we create more platforms for each other that propel more voice forward as well and conversation that bring both men and women to the leadership table,”

Hollywood Lee

Running under the theme “She Evolved”, the speakers included top journalist Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, fashion consultant Lee Madyara, Cyrex Business Solutions manager Annabell Gakaka, top lawyer and businesswoman, Sharon Bwanya, and businesswomen Rutendo Melody Gambiza and Edna Mukurazhizha. Nigeria and America were also represented by businesswomen Amara Kyna Agbim and Mabel Butler.


Edna Mukurazhizha

Dr Ru said all the speakers had something different to offer and they showed the diversity of wisdom women possess as the summit wound up the international women month.


She spoke passionately about each speaker and what they brought to the summit.


Sharon Bwanya

“Oh my- she rocked the first day with her intellect and challenge women to redefine themselves as they continue to take their roles in places of leadership and that self-care is a must as you evolve.”


Edna Mukarazhizha

“She took the summit to another level when she spoke about the importance of being grounded especially spiritually as you continue to learn and grow in leadership- she pointed out that mentorship is important for growth.


Amara Agbim

“She spoke about the importance of intentional networking to achieve global impact in our work in the work and that for business to succeed- adaptability is crucial. The pandemic has opened a great door for networking to be easier because people don’t necessarily have to go meet but can sign contract and form solid relationships even virtually.”


Mabel Butler

“She inspired the audience as she offered tangible skills on growing a business and thriving even when you are in a foreign land. She emphasized on the importance of learning about the environment you are in and adapting to make thing happen. She further encouraged women to not shy away from asking for mentorship and that there are always people who are willing to support your cause.


Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

“Ruvheneko spoke authentically about her journey- her lessons – her setbacks and how they have propelled her to create a platform for her voice that was taken away from her when she spoke about the importance of never losing your voice and getting rid of fear to adapt that often cripple many from thriving. She also spoke powerfully on knowing and managing your network and that it is important to be a professional and only promise what you can offer. The audience was raving about her wisdom.”



“She spoke so powerfully about building businesses that last and that resilience is going to be a big part of it all especially now that we have the reality of how the world has changed in the face of the pandemic. She emphasized on the importance of agility and adapting in all times.”


Rutendo Melody

“She encouraged women to love themselves – to be kind to themselves and to continue to use affirming words that allow and enable them to be the best version of who they are in their purpose- She was not not a new voice to the platform so we can safely say Melody delivered as she has always done.”


Hollywood Lee

“She showed up and showed out and her teaching on how to present ourselves in the presence of power was practical and she shared so many tips on how to dress for power, how to speak in the presence of authority and why it is important to carry ourselves with both confidence and humility- that was an empowering conversation.”


Dr Ru said the keynote address by Dr Lance, the BancABC CEO was also empowering.

“The keynote address by Dr. Lance challenged women to never limit their dreams to their environment and to horn their voice intentionally in all places of influence. He celebrated the work of women and wished them great success as we wrapped up the women’s month,” she said.