Singqobile Winnie Nyamasoka Zuka

… Air hostess’ breakthrough in Dubai’s beauty industry

…Attributes success to networking, hard work

Lutrish Gandawa, H-Metro Reporter

FOR many Zimbabweans out there in the Diaspora, earning an income is a matter of shifting between jobs and resting for only a couple of hours each day to make ends meet.

The story is always typically that of hard-work, endurance and a never-ending cycle of frustration and fatigue, while forging their future plans by sending a few dollars back home each month.


It was a breath of fresh air meeting a young woman who seems to have broken the Diasporan jinx and made it out there, as a business owner, not an employee.


Endearingly known as Nqo of Nqo Beauty, Sinqobile Winnie Nyamasoka Zuka is a vibrant young lady who is running a successful business; bridging the geographical divide between Zimbabwe and Dubai.

Professionally trained as an air hostess, where she still works full-time, she initially relocated to Dubai as an employee.


After a while, she found that she had so much free time and started indulging in her other passions; beauty therapy, specialising in nail care.


In March of 2017, Nqo scaled up her business and launched a whole range of nail care products, all customised and branded as Nqo Beauty Products.



When asked why nail care, Nqo replies with a sheepish smile:


“In a very not so obvious way, hands are a very important feature to make an impression with. People always notice a well-manicured hand and it does form an important focal point.”


She says that the unassuming way with which hands make an impression fascinated her that she desired to learn as much as she could about nail care.


Since the time of inception, Nqo Beauty has now spread its wings to serve the market back in her home country, Zimbabwe, while maintaining a strong network in Dubai.


Currently, Nqo Beauty is offering training in basic nail care. Part of the perks include an opportunity to get employed in Dubai and a wide array of up-market clientele.




When she started, Nqo found it difficult to manage her full time job and her newly founded vocation.


It was also a challenge to break through the hostile cultural barriers in Dubai. She had to commit fully to networking with fellow Zimbabweans and, through sheer hard work, managed to expand into other cultural communities there.


For many, the question is on just how to get started and get the required support from a foreign market.


She also says that finding the right people to work with was much harder and for a while, she had to do everything with the help of her amazingly supportive husband, Tapiwa Zuka, who would market and help her with branding of the products.


The young couple decided to bring their business back home when the lockdown started and work was temporarily suspended within the airlines.


It was at this point that the idea to start training came to the fore. To date, Nqo Beauty has mentored over 75 trainees who are now self-sufficient nail beauty technicians.


Her vision is to set up an academy and become a national institution in Zimbabwe while also established within the diaspora market.


Nqo says she owes her skills and drive to EMI who taught her that she should always stand for what she believes in.


For her, it was the desire to make a break in an otherwise foreign market in Dubai then bring it back home, not vice versa.


She boasts that her products are the safest for nail care, making nails longer, while retaining their strength and glow